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Aging-in-Place and Disability Modifications

We are "aging-in-place" and disability-savvy plumbing contractors who work closely with health care professionals in modifying bathrooms and kitchens for safety and livability. We work with people of all ages who have disabilities, or are elderly and need home modification.

It’s with great care and compassion that we provide our services to others who need them since we, ourselves, have gone through this process with our own families.

The Home Modifications part of our business emerged out of our own family needs.  We have aging and disabled loved ones, who would much rather stay at home and have their living space adapted, rather than move to another location. We realized that there are a lot of people who feel the same, and need help with this transition.

We will enable you, or your loved ones, to seamlessly transition into the next stage of life gracefully and safely, without having to leave home.

Bathroom & Kitchen Safety and Comfort
• Walk-in shower/tub
• Higher toilets
• Safety rail installation
• Complete reconstruction of the bathroom or kitchen
• Relocation of electrical switches
• Bathroom renovation for wheelchair accessibility
• Kitchen renovation with adjustable-height cabinets and wheelchair accessible counter height

Wynne Plumbing & Heating, Corp. is a local, family-owned business, started by our dad, Sam Kaplan, in 1965. Our current facility is on Bailey Ave. in Bronx, NY.

Call Robert Kaplan today to arrange an in-home consultation, or e-mail him at info@wynneplumbing.com